Dreaming Kitten offers a supportive top layer that has been finely tuned to match your ideal comfort level. Sleep in total bliss!

5 Zone Pocket Spring

 A plush gel infused memory foam mattress with five zones of pocket springs gives you a weightless sleeping experience for total relaxation.

Gel Memory Foam

The gel memory foam, bamboo fabric, and natural latex bouncy offer improved breathability and a cool, silky touch.

100% Natural Latex

Fused with millions of gel beads and individually pocketed springs, never feel your partner move, toss or turn while sleeping.

Sizes & Dimensions


75″ Long – 39″ Wide  – 12″  High

71 LBS 


75″ Long – 54″ Wide  – 12″  High

89 LBS 


80″ Long – 60″ Wide  – 12″  High

100 LBS 


80″ Long – 76″ Wide  – 12″  High

120 LBS 

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